Catching up on 2018

All my good intentions seem to slip away, when I’m busy writing music, playing music, preparing scores for publication & performance, & just normal life, so I’m VERY bad at keeping my website up to date. Anyway – here’s a list of 2018 events so far;-
January – Joined Capital Concert Brass Ensemble – playing tenor horn
Performed my ‘Proclaiming Joy’ on soprano sax for Ealing Chamber Music Club.
Played Baritone Sax at Shea Lolin’s woodwind orchestra day, where they played my
‘Ancient Stories’ & ‘Insects’
February – London Composers’ Forum concert – Art of Song. My ‘Song for Eve’ was performed.
I played oboe.
March. London Composers’ Forum Women’s Day concert. My ‘Just As’ for choir was
performed, & I played my ‘Sequences’ for solo soprano sax.
April I had composed ‘Drip Drip Drop’ for Ealing Music Service to tour around the
Primary schools, to enable the children to perform the songs with an adult
instrumental ensemble. First performance April 30th.
May – More performances of Drip Drip Drop throughout the month.
LCF concert ‘Aspects of the Piano’ at St Mary Magdelene, Central London.
I played my ‘Night Music’ on Alto sax, with Zillah Myers, piano.
Visit to British Double Reed Society day in Hampshire, with both my publishers,
Egge Verlag & Forton.
June – More performances of Drip Drip Drop & my first gig with Capital Concert Brass.
July – Loads of composing. Started work on ‘The Four Friend’ , next year’s musical story
For Ealing Music Service. Arranged music for the Chamber Music Club end of
season all comers play – in, which was joined by Capital Concert Brass.
August – Went to Dartington, & played tenor horn, & alto & baritone saxes.
September- Went to Clarinet & Saxophone Society Day at Nottingham University, where
the Clarinet Ensemble of Great Britain performed my ‘There’s Always Time’,
which they commissioned.
October – East Kent Clarinet Choir hosted a playing day devoted entirely to my music.
8 works were played throughout the day.
November – I gave a presentation about my musical stories to the leaders of the London
Music Hubs, at County Hall.
I played in 3 events linked with Remembrance weekend with Capital Concert
I gave a presentation about my ‘Zoo Tales’ to the teachers from the 9 schools
in the Bournemouth are, who will be performing it next year.
On 30th my Toccatta for piano duet will be performed at a LCF concert
At St Mary Magdelene.

Dartington 2016

In August I went to Dartington International Summer School, as usual, for week 4 – Wind & Brass week. I played alto sax in the Tea Dance Band, Baritone sax in the Big Band, both under the direction of Steve Dummer, and the Joined the huge brass group again, where I played pretend tuba on the baritone sax, along with two real tuba players in a performance of Mussorgsky’s ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’, under the direction of Paul Archibald, & Brett Baker. It was very exciting, as there was a huge percussion sections as well as all the brass players (& me)
On the day after our performance of ‘Pictures’ in the Great Hall, we gave an open air performance which included my ‘Insects’ , ‘Ancient Stories’ & my arrangement of the Purcell Chaconne, I had to re write all three pieces between Croatia & Dartington, as the instrumental line-up was totally different.img-20160826-wa0012

Spring 2016. Time to catch up!

Since I last wrote a blog, life has been very busy, and as usual I haven’t posted my news. After the inevitable Christmas concerts (at the end of 2015, obv.) I started 2016 with rehearsals for the re-written ‘Wind Dragon’ for Berrymede school. The script for this musical story, involving an entire school in songs, recorder orchestra pieces, with an adult orchestra has to be rewritten every time it is performed, as the story involves real people & events in the local environment as well as the mythical dragon. The kids loved it from the start, but it is a long work, to be performed at the end of a short term. After quite a lot of stress, more to do with practical arrangements than musical concerns, the performances were wonderful.

At the same time I was preparing for my usual trip to Dorchester at the beginning of March for the performance of my ‘Buzzard or Kestrel’ (story by Richard Baker) & ‘Water Birds’. Dorset Chamber Orchestra, with added brass, was conducted by Walter Brewster, & led by his wife Jane, who also trained the young string orchestra who performed with the main orchestra. I was happy to be asked to play the sax parts in Bizet’s L’Arlesienne  Suite too.

I’ve finished orchestrating the songs from ‘Les Mis’ for Ealing Chamber Music Club’s Summer sing/play in, though it will need to be tweaked a bit when I know exactly which wind players plan to be there, and I’ve now started working on a selection of Brass pieces for use by Paul Archibald on English Brass Academy courses.

At some point, though I don’t exactly remember when, I completed ‘Interplay’ the concerto grosso for Brass quintet & whacking great symphonic wind orchestra, which the Croatian brass players requested last Summer, when I was there. I sent a Sibelius file of it, but now need to extract & edit the parts.

My ‘Rainbow Island’ is being performed by children from 8 schools & adult orchestra in St Barnabas church, Ealing on July 4th & 5th, so I’ve been preparing score, piano transcription & having meetings etc. in preparation for that. It is to be conducted by Lee Marchant. I’m planning to cut down on my teaching a bit from the end of this school year, so hopefully I’ll be more efficient at keeping my website up to date.