Events of March 2016 – Birds & a Dragon

At the beginning of March I went down to Dorchester, as usual, for the performance of my ‘Buzzard or Kestrel?'(to the story by Richard Baker) and ‘Water Birds’ with Dorset orchestra, under the baton of Walter Brewster. I always enjoy that gig, as I’m able to play my alto sax with the orchestra, and the concert is very well supported.
From Dorchester, to the less scenic Acton, where the 400+ pupils of Berrymede Junior school performed my musical story ‘Wind Dragon’ with my wonderful volunteer adult orchestra of members of Ealing Chamber Music Club, Ealing symphony Orchestra, & various other orchestras from as far away as Amersham. A good time, & a good lunch was had by all. Many thanks to the musicians who volunteer every year to give the children this experience.